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Singing Sands Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park

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Robinsons Island Trail

Prince Edward Island National Park


Robinsons Island Trail gallery

Quick Facts

Difficulty moderate
Trail Type loop
Distance 4.3 km
Estimated Time 1 hr 30 mins
Surface Type crushed rock
Elevation Change 16 meters
Features beach, dunes
Trail Markers signs
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception low
Dog Friendly on a leash, not on beach
Fees yes


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Robinsons Island is a sort of island, attached to the mainland by a tall sand dune. The trail goes roughly around the perimeter of this "island". Another trail, that used to be an extension of the road, cuts right though the middle. This old road used to provide access to a campground that used to be here. The trails uses some of the old roads from the campground that used to be there. The trail is a multi use trail and it is suggested that hikers go counter-clockwise while the cyclists go clockwise.

Red chairs on Robinsons Island Trail

The trail starts by taking you out to a couple of lookouts and benches overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. On this side of the island I found lots of lupins in bloom. The trail then cuts across the island, crossing the road through the center, and comes out to a couple of red adirondack chairs overlooking Rustico Bay. To the right is a sand dune that extends past the end of a point. Beyond the sand dune you will see the rough waters of the gulf and the buildings at North Rustico Harbour.

The trail then goes through intermittent fields and forests, coming out to a couple more lookouts and beach access points on Rustico Bay. Some of fields are full of wild roses, making it feel like you are walking through a rose garden. The trail then once again enters the woods and takes you back to the start of the trail near the parking lot.

All along the trail there are interpetive signs that tell you about the ecology and the human history of the island.



For directions to this part of the park go to the Brackley-Dalvay Section - Prince Edward Island National Park page.

From Brackley Beach, drive towards the park on Route 15. Drive for 2.6 kilometers and you will come to the gatehouse for the park. If you haven't already bought your park pass, then buy it here. Shortly after the gatehouse turn left onto Robinsons Island Road. Drive for 3.6 kilometers to the end of the road where you will find a gravel parking lot. You can access the trail from the far end of the parking lot.

Robinsons Island Trail sign

From the Sign

Welcome to Robinsons Island

Formed by glaciers, reshaped by wind and wave, this place has been special for many people. The Mi'kmaq call it Tapu-tuitn (pronounced "dabu-duidn")- meaning "two narrows". Archaeology has shown us that Mi'kmaq were camping and using the resources of the bay at least 1500 years ago. Its current name, "Robinsons Island," honours a farming family who settled here in the 1800s.

Robinsons Island Trail Head sign

The last has been part of Prince Edward Island National Park since 1937. In 1956, it was joined by causeway to the main Island. In the 1960s it hosted a thriving campground. The campground was closed in 2005, and today the land wears a more natural look. A forest is growing native plants and wildlife are making themselves at home.

Whether you bike or walk the trail, you can enjoy views of Rustico Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and catch glimpses of woodland warblers and seaside shorebirds. Along the way you may find reminders of those who were here before you. Enjoy your visit!

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Trail Last Hiked: July 3, 2021.

Page Last Updated: March 29, 2022.