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Hertiage Trail

Roma at Three Rivers Historical Settlement


Roma at Three Rivers Historic Site Gallery

Quick Facts

Difficulty easy
Trail Type loop
Distance 900 meters
Estimated Time 20 mins
Surface Type crushed rock, grass
Elevation Change 22 meters
Features historic site
Trail Markers yellow squares
Scenery Rating beautiful
Maintenance Rating well maintained
Cell Reception strong
Dog Friendly on a leash
Fees yes


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The Heritage Trail is one of three trails at Roma. From the historic site it takes an old road out to a point between the Brudenell and Montague Rivers. At the point there is a small field overlooking the bay where the two rivers come together. You can see Georgetown across the bay. Surrounding the field are small monuments with interpretive signs on them. In the middle of the field is a larger monument with a plaque.

The point at Roma Historical Settlement

The trail continues into the woods on the far side of the field on the left. It travels through a mostly softwood forest along the shores of the Brudenell River. After a short distance it turns inland, away from the shore, and loops back through the woods to the historic site. The trail comes out of the woods along a small field to the left of the historic buildings. The trail passes by the start of the River Trail just before coming out to the historic site.



For direction to the settlement go to the Roma at Three Rivers page.

Roma at Three Rivers Parking Lot

The Heritiage Trail can be found on the trail off the end of the Roma Point Road. Once you get to the clearing at the point you can find the trail enter the woods on the left. The other end of the loop trail can be found at the end of the small clearing to the left of the heritage buildings.

From the Sign

The Shaw Farm c.1878

After the mid 1800s the point was divided into small farms. Malcolm Shaw leased land at the point in 1865 and lived here from 1878 until early 1890s. His homestead was set further from the tip of the point than Roma's settlement. The depression in front of you is the remains of the cellar under the Shaw home. An un-mortared stone foundation, four and a half feet deep, defines a twenty-five foot square area with a space for steps in the northeast corner. The land was subsequently leased for agricultural use until fields were abandoned in the 1930s. Southwest of here a barn survived into the 1940s.

The Shaw Farm basement

From the Sign

Trade Goods at Three Rivers

Trade being the object of Jean Pierre Roma's commercial enterprise, it is not surprising that archaeological exploration in his cellars recovered remnants from around the world. Wine bottles and rough earthenware originated from France. Glassware and stoneware serving vessels came from other parts of Europe. Some heavy stoneware jugs and an intricately-decorated porcelain table service were made in China. The range of domestic items indicates extensive trade connections in the early years of settlement of this part of North America.

Trade Goods at Three Rivers sign

Trail Last Hiked: July 25, 2021.

Page Last Updated: March 28, 2022.